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Frequently Asked Questions

Finders is an online store that aggregates everything you need from stores like Amazon and Macy's, and brings them to your doorstep in Lebanon, hassle-free.

Absolutely not. Service is our motto. Finders was born to deal with all the details and all the headaches that come with shipping an item to Lebanon and going through customs. All you need to do is choose your item, purchase it and we will take care of the rest. Truly.

They are more expensive due to 3 main reasons; customs’ procedures, tax percentages and weight of the item. In Lebanon, there are different tax percentages and customs’ procedures for every product category imported of which costs money. Also, shipping the item to Lebanon depends on the weight of the item.

Because we have nothing to hide. We don’t hide shipping, services or VAT fees in the fine print. We give it to you as it is. Exactly how much it would cost for us to bring your item to your doorstep in Lebanon. Absolute transparency.

Yes. There are no hidden costs. The price displayed by each item covers retail price, shipment, customs, VAT, service charge, and, delivery anywhere in Lebanon. Nothing extra. Guaranteed.

Well that’s easy and complicated all at the same time. Our online store is based on an intricate algorithm that calculates the retail price of the item + shipment (determined by the size and the weight of the item) + customs (determined by the item category) + VAT + a 5% service fee. Thankfully, these calculations are done in a matter of seconds and voila, you have the final price of your chosen item. So, pretty simple.

It includes everything. We have no hidden costs, no fine print, no asterisks, no ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. Through Finders’ intricate algorithm, the price includes shipment, customs, VAT, delivery, and, service charge. And if there are any bumps along the way, it will cost you absolutely nothing, as a part of our service, we take care of it all. All you need to do is order the item and receive it. We take care of everything else.

The price will never change, The problems we encounter are exactly that. Our problems. Whatever the price tag your item or product has on Finders, is the only price you pay. If anything changes along the way, we take care of it. Guaranteed.

Maybe. Why not find out now. Just log on to finders and find out exactly how much your item would cost if you were to ship it from abroad instead. By comparing the two, you can make a better decision.

Then we will flag it before hand. We know online shopping takes guts, so we will be there with you. We keep a close eye on your purchases, if something you ordered may encounter problems entering Lebanon, we will flag it. We will give you a call and take you through the process of why it may be difficult to buy. For example, it may be illegal to import or we suspect the item may not arrive in mint condition, then rest assured we will keep you informed.

Definitely. Transparency and service are the main pillars of Finders. If something you ordered may be problematic, we flag it. We will give you a call and take you through the process of why it may be difficult to buy. For example: if an electronics item with 110 volts was purchased, we will double check with you to see if that’s what you really want, since Lebanon is generally at 220v. Bottom line, we will shamelessly look out for your best interest. Always.

If something you ordered may be problematic, we flag it. We will give you a call and take you through the process of why it may be difficult to buy. If you have any doubt, please contact us for any clarification or questions. Rest assured if any item cannot be delivered, you will receive a full refund for your order. The following items may face shipping or import restrictions:

  • Dangerous goods: Flammables, corrosives, weapons (firearms, ammunition), explosive material (fireworks), toxic substances
  • Perishable goods: fresh foods, refrigerated goods
  • Other specific items: spare/standalone batteries, aerosols, compressed gas cylinders
  • Size Limit: 63 inch

Two weeks on average, but each product will display the exact dates.

We are eager to help you with any questions, comments and enquiries. Call us on +961 1 305 886 / +961 76 999 300 or chat with us here.