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Finders is closing. We will miss you.

With a life-long dream of residing in Lebanon, four of us expats moved back here and proudly created Finders. You rewarded us time and again with your loyalty and trust. After two incredible years of living our dream, we are left with no choice but the heart-breaking decision to shut our doors.

Some important information:

  • All orders that have already been placed will be delivered as planned.
  • Customer service will continue to be available until all orders are delivered.
  • We are no longer accepting new orders.

We are sad to go but the economic crisis has left the Lebanese people with dwindling purchasing power and investors without the ability nor the interest to invest. It is a difficult and trying time for Lebanon, and our hearts go out to everyone struggling in this crisis. We will miss our customers, our partners, and our team. We want to thank everyone who has made this journey possible. Someday, we hope to be back as part of a new and prosperous Lebanon.

The Finders Team